Turkey's arrival - so easy to find us

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There are several ways to Turkey - that is to come to the Lycian coast. The easiest and fastest way is probably by plane.


There are two destinations:

Flieger Antalya: The airport has been rebuilt and is considered one of the most modern airports in the world.Year-round fly several times a day and most reliable machines of our preferred airlines such as Emirates, Turkish Airlines and Condor-daughter Sunexpress the International Airport of Antalya. Of course you can play with other charter airlines also fly to Antalya.


Flieger Dalaman: Dalaman Airport was formerly a military airport, the years for public transport operations will be used for some. Dalaman is the most major airlines summer several times a week as destinations.

We can book your flight to Turkey in connection with a booking to Kas. The following airlines we are available for this:

  • Condor bzw. Sunexpress
  • Air Berlin (flies, unfortunately, not all airports)
  • Hapag Lloyd
  • Türkisch Airlines

Please tell us your travel dates and airport only we do the rest for you.

And once you arrive in Antalya and Dalaman, you have the following options to Kekova-Kas and Kalkan to achieve:


Airport transfer by our agency

The transfer from Antalya takes about 3 hours. 
The transfer from Dalaman takes about 2 hours. 

Worth noting is that transfers usually do not hit other hotels are on our, but you are driven to your destination directly, so we can be as short as possible to keep the transfer time. 

The price of our transfers are as follow:

Route/Transfer 1-3 Pers./Drive/Euro 4-6 Pers./Drive/Euro 7-10 Pers./Drive/Euro
Kaş-Antalya 90 € 130 € 200 €
Kaş-Dalaman 85 € 110 € 180 €
Dalaman-Kalkan 85 € 110 € 180 €
Antalya - Antalya (Hotel-Airport) 35 € Please ask Please ask
Antalya-Kalkan 100 € 140 € 220 €

For groups of 10 or more please ask for our group rates.


With the bus lines: From the airport of Antalya and Dalaman airport there is no direct bus to the nearest major bus stations. You need a taxi from the airport to the next "otogar" take what each about 15 - € costs. You can then continue the scheduled bus pass. 

When you land in Dalaman, take a taxi to "a myth," where you ask for the bus to Fethiye. In Fethiye, contact the Agency Antalya Tur "which every half hour, a bus to Kalkan - Demre or (if you want to) has Kekova Kas. By bus, a total of about 3.5 hours on the way, the price is around 10 - (excluding taxis). € When you arrive in Antalya,take the taxi to "otogar" takes you to the agency " Antalya Tur ", which even then every half hour, a bus to Demre (if you want to Kekova) - Kalkan and Kas has set up. The bus from Antalya to Kas on the road about 5 hours and costs around 5 - (excluding taxis). € If you have booked to Kekova, Demre you get into and we will pick you up at the bus station.